• CanvasRebels: DREAMBIIG

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  • Vibe with Vee Podcast: Amir & Yawnyblew Confidence Unleashed

    🌟 Embark on a journey of self-love and empowerment with Amir & Yawnyblew as they unleash confidence through their vibrant anthem, "DREAMBIIG." 🚀
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  • Bear World Magazine: DREAMBIIG

    YawnyBlew and amir. never fall short when it comes to their collaborations. We covered them last October for YawnyBlew’s remix EP in collaboration with amir., check that out here. With that remix EP in hindsight, the duo has released an amalgamation of collaborative singles since from the album such as “Can’t Compete,” “Damn Disconnected,” “Dope Bo! Flesh,” and “Sm0k3” to name a few.
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  • BFF: Black Fat Femme Podcast

    This week we are joined by the ultra-talented YawnyBlew to discuss how revolutionary it is to create in spaces you often don't see yourself in, the art we love and why we are SICK and TIRED of scammers.
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  • The Art of Letting Go EP 202

    In episode 202 of 'The Art of Letting Go,' join your host Mike Brown and the captivating YawnyBlew for a unique conversation recorded in the heart of New York's vibrant park. Explore their nomadic journey, discover how they're experiencing the bustling city, and dive into the fascinating world of letting go. The duo also answers listener questions, making this episode a dynamic blend of personal stories, insights, and spontaneous interactions. Tune in for an enriching experience of self-discovery and exploration against the backdrop of the Big Apple.
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  • New Charli XCX, The Japanese House, and More on This Week’s Queer Music Mixtape

    Brooklyn rap duo YawnyBlew and amir. are helping close out Pride month right with this sexy Madonna-inspired track. They’re giving confidence, they’re giving allure, and they’re giving questioning guys something to think long and hard about. “‘Curious?’ is for all the queer black and brown boys who wanted to be on TRL growing up,” Yawny writes. “For all the plus sized legends discouraged from being a pop star. You’re welcomed here.”
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  • Detox Pod

    Grammy nominated singer/songwriter YAWNYBLEW visited us for Episode 134, and folks enjoyed our conversation so much that I got several requests to bring him back. Well, what our listeners want, our listeners get! My second conversation with Yawny focuses on the ups and downs of the music industry and how he has struggled to maintain mental health practices due to the stress of having to survive as a working creative. Yawny and I also talk about his circle of male friends and how even in a private group it's hard to have those "real" conversations. We also discuss the need for life resets, which for Yawny is manifesting itself in a summer-long road trip.
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  • What's Good w/ Charlie Taylor "Renaissance Gay Nephew"

    For this interview we talk to a Queer Songwriter - hailing from North Bronx, NY - whose recently gone out to make a career of his own after years of being in the song writing meat grinder. YawnyBlew comes through to talk about his beginnings, the song writing machine, how he found safe spaces as a Queer artist; his new work and, of course, his Top 5.
    Thank you for listening! If you want to contribute to the show, whether it be sending me questions or voicing your opinion in any way, peep the contact links below and I'll respond accordingly. Let me know "What's Good?"
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