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YawnyBlew is the brainchild of music professional Johny Gonzalez. Created as a way to showcase his abilities as a songwriter, creative director, and project manager during the 2020 pandemic, YawnyBlew has taken on a life of its own, becoming a burgeoning voice in black queer music and its various intersections.

Johny got his start on the internet in his teens, a product of the Myspace/Limewire era. Musical exploration led to a love for songwriting and journalism, realms he navigated concurrently through his mid-20s. Internships at Bad Boy Records and The Source Magazine expanded his network and eventually resulted in his relocating to Los Angeles, where he found himself in Rodney Jerkins' studio with Sean Hamilton. Johny went on to assist in the early development of artists like Maeta and Jac Ross, contribute songs to the TV series Empire, and sing background on H.E.R’s “Hard Place,” which was nominated for Song and Record of the Year at the 2019 Grammys.

In the years since, he has worked diligently behind the scenes, collaborating with the likes of Keiynan Lonsdale, Dyllon Burnside, John Lindahl, The Amours, and Cam Anthony. He was a key creative force behind Thai Pop singer Pyra, whose music has been dubbed “dystopian pop” and explores themes of feminism, self-discovery, queer exploration, and more. Their collaboration garnered several NME Award nominations in 2022, including Best Asian Song. Later that same year, he worked with Pharrell Williams to craft songs for TikTok star Marley Bleu.

As YawnyBlew, Johny has released two albums. 2022’s Midnight in Brooklyn is an alternative R&B affair exploring his time as a closeted 20-something navigating love and queer nightlife in New York. 2023’s DREAMBIIG is a joint album with Tarik “amir” Carroll that celebrates black queer culture through the lens of ‘90s hip-hop and the TRL era Pop. Through these projects and standalone singles/collaborations like “driveslow,” “EvRyDay EvRy Nite,” and BLVKPHURY: The Lofi Tapes, YawnyBlew has positioned himself as a genreFULL artist unafraid to experiment with sounds and styles for the sake of storytelling.

With the launch of his podcast BIIGGER Than Our Dreams in 2022, YawnyBlew has also found purpose in encouraging conversation and community. This has led to several collaborations with The Art of Letting Go Podcast, The MLC, Backline’s Breaking the Barrier, and most recently, GLAAD’s Inaugural Black Queer Creative Summit. This fall, Yawny also joined Meta’s Music Initiative team as a Sound Designer and Music Coordinator, contributing to the creation of new and unique ways to utilize their impressive Sound Collection.

No longer just an alter ago, YawnyBlew is the culmination of Johny’s wildest dreams as a young kid on the internet looking for cool music and connection.

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