• November’s Top Queer Songs

    Los Angeles-based musician YawnyBlew dropped “Can’t Compete” with amir., a late ’90s influenced track that the artist says is a “braggadocious ode to big bodies.”

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  • Global Artists Spotlight

    Domican-American singer-songwriter YawnyBlew aka John Gonzalez has spent a few years working behind the scenes as well as on his own music in tandem, including a backing vocalist on H.E.R.’s “Hard Place...

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  • Finding hope and optimism through nostalgia

    YawnyBlew is the enigmatic brainchild of Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, John Gonzalez. CONSIGNED met up with Yawny to discover his creative journey, to talk about his REVIVAL as a solo artist and to collaborate with CONSIGNED...

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  • ‘Midnight in Brooklyn’ by YawnyBlew is my 2022 Album of the Year

    YawnyBlew and amir. are multidisciplinary artists and activists from New York City. Connecting over their mutual love of music and passion for representation, the duo collaborated on a pair of remixes in the fall of 2021 for Yawny’s single “R.I.P,” which were featured in Rolling Stone...

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I used to super overthink these, so let's try something different.
If you're reading this, I'm Yawny. I write songs and do creative tings with my friends.
I named myself YawnyBlew because it meant nothing, and I wanted to take myself less seriously. My mom named me John. My friends call me Johny.
My favorite color is blue. I love Biggie as much as Bjork and Dragon Ball Z as much as RuPaul's Drag Race. I've always existed between worlds, but i like it here.
I'm working on healing some creative wounds, having more fun, and living more authentically. If you're just joining, the next era will be a bit different from the last. But it's all in the name of evolution and fun.
My proudest moments are when I am uplifting marginalized voices. We all got something to say, and the mic needs to get passed around a little more.
A couple reasons you should stick around: Midnight In Brooklyn, "EvRyDay EvRy Nite," Fkn Bad pt 1 & 2, or BlvkPhury's Lofi Tape Vol 1.
Saddle up for round whateverTF this is. We having fun this time. Love yall.