Reintroductions and suchh

I used to super overthink these, so let's try something different.
If you're reading this, I'm Yawny.

I write songs and do creative tings with my friends.

I named myself YawnyBlew because it meant nothing, and I wanted to take myself less seriously.

My mom named me John.

My favorite color is blue. I enjoy rapping more than singing these days and making music for myself more than writing for others at the moment, but it is always changing.

I'm working on healing some creative wounds, having more fun, and living more authentically. If you're just joining us, the next era will be different from the last. But it's all in the name of evolution and fun.

My proudest moments are when I am uplifting marginalized voices. We all got something to say, and the mic needs to get passed around a little more.

A couple reasons you should stick around: Midnight In Brooklyn, "EvRyDay EvRy Nite," Fkn Bad pt 1 & 2, or BlvkPhury's Lofi Tape Vol 1.

Saddle up for round whateverTF this is. We having fun this time. Love yall.